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We Are the Dark Scene

We are the dating community of the Dark Scene,
for all Gothic singles and dark souls.

All fans and followers of the Dark Culture
come together in our community.

No matter whether Gothic, Electro, Wave, EBM,
Industrial, Synthie, Folk, Metal, Medieval,

Dark Pop & Rock, LARP, Steampunk, Cyber,
Visual Kei, Role-Playing, Witch House, etc.

We warmly welcome all like-minded people.
Together we stand for diversity and tolerance.

Enter the Dark Culture With Us

We are the Gothic community for
Gothic flirting, Gothic chatting & Gothic dating.

Search for a partner with our dating service,
find your Gothic match or some new friends.

On Woven Black you can chat, flirt, date
and interact with like-minded people.

Gothic dating for Gothic singles. Since 2019.
By the scene, for the scene. Permanently free.

Enter the Dark Culture and Dark Scene with us.
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  • Imotep
     2020-09-22T02:15:01.236+0000
    DE 37*** Bad Lauterberg im Harz
  • LostInDark
     2020-09-22T02:13:40.869+0000
    DE 81*** München
  • Nutzername
     2020-09-22T02:12:09.845+0000
    DE 69*** Leimen
  • Tony
     2020-09-22T01:18:43.749+0000
    DE 06*** Bernburg
  • Mottek
     2020-09-22T01:17:35.055+0000
    DE 44*** Dortmund
  • Thoralf
     2020-09-22T01:06:20.467+0000
    DE 89*** Giengen an der Brenz
  • Zynoth
     2020-09-22T00:54:28.532+0000
    DE 91*** Pegnitz
  • SKP666
     2020-09-22T00:47:20.669+0000
    DE 61*** Kronberg im Taunus
  • Adamcore
     2020-09-22T00:45:30.753+0000
    US 12*** Saugerties
  • Lonelymess
     2020-09-22T00:22:46.247+0000
    DE 33*** Harsewinkel
  • Thornleif
     2020-09-22T00:15:47.712+0000
    DE 01*** Dresden
  • Nightdive
     2020-09-21T23:56:18.708+0000
    DE 80*** München
  • Nyarlathothep
     2020-09-21T23:55:49.590+0000
    DE 49*** Osnabrück
  • darksadomuc
     2020-09-21T23:35:24.000+0000
    DE 82*** Planegg
  • Wusel
     2020-09-21T23:33:43.000+0000
    DE 57*** Siegen
  • Stigmata
     2020-09-21T23:30:04.000+0000
    DE 04*** Leipzig
  • metal77_clancy
     2020-09-21T23:29:41.000+0000
    DE 35*** Gladenbach
  • zerodevide
     2020-09-21T23:27:30.000+0000
    DE 32*** Horn-Bad Meinberg
  • Sven
     2020-09-21T22:59:05.000+0000
    DE 04*** Leipzig
  • FerDeLance
     2020-09-21T22:43:45.000+0000
    IT 00*** Roma
  • Grave_Beauty
     2020-09-21T22:41:28.000+0000
    DE 78*** Immendingen
  • Galactus
     2020-09-21T22:19:18.000+0000
    DE 67*** Ludwigshafen am Rhein
  • VorderZeit
     2020-09-21T22:14:53.000+0000
    CH 80** Zürich
  • Lonely-Fire-86
     2020-09-21T22:12:33.000+0000
    DE 55*** Mainz

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Woven Black is the singles and dating community of the Dark Alternative Scene. We are the Gothic community for Gothic flirting and Gothic dating. Woven Black helps you to find your Gothic date and your partner. We are the Gothic dating service to find the love of your life. Talk to like-minded people and other Gothic singles on the Gothic chat. Find your Gothic match with our help.

The Dark Scene is colorful! On Woven Black you find Gothics, Waver, New Romantics, Electro fans, Metalheads, Rocker, Punks, Cybers, Steampunks, Aggrotechs, Emos, also Medieval, LARP and Visual Kei fans, Vikings, Vampires and a lot more scene types. Together we stand for the various faces of the Dark Scene. It does not matter which world you are from. The Dark Scene is the link between the worlds. We stand for diversity, tolerance and individuality.

You are not looking for a partner? We are not only a dating and matchmaking service for Goth flirting and Goth dating, but also a community for all Gothic fans and followers of the Dark Culture. In Goth chat, just meet new people for joint concerts, festivals and other fun activities.

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